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Hi Guys,

Welcome to 2021, For the time being i'm putting on hold any aspirations to return to Sports Massage work.

In the mean time I'll be helping implement Mass COVID Testing at one of our local schools and the local Mass Vaccination programme.

Assuming the RAF don't drag me off to be a Car Parking Attendant in Dover, COVID Vaccinator, or save the UK from some other self induced impending doom, i'll be back to review the situation in March.

Stay safe, and don't party.



If you are looking for quality treatment for your aches and pains then take some time to have a look round the site and see if Sports Massage is right for you.

Rest assured it's not just about Sport, the desk bound and young at heart will find just as much help from the treatment provided.

Make your booking online using section below.



We will try again in March


Coming to Silverwell Forge is pretty straight forward


Using postcode with your Sat Nav will not get you to the correct destination. Instead select the longitude and latitude option to punch in the following: 50.285966, -5.163061


If you use what3words to find your way in the world the address is:


  • From the Chiverton Roundabout (Starbucks) take the St Agnes/Blackwater exit

  • After 50 yards or so at the second mini roundabout take the 3rd exit for St Agnes

  • After 25 yards and before passing the Chiverton Arms Pub take the small road on the Right signposted for Silverwell

  • Head down this road past the Church and the Riding Centre (Drive slow horses about) after 0.75 miles you will come to a fork/junction

  • Take the right hand fork and continue for another 30 yards

  • Then go over the stream and Silverwell Forge is the steep drive immediately on your right

  • Head up the drive (gate should be open) and drive past the house and stable yard

  • Park up in the area along side the Exercise Arena (Make sure to leave access to the exercise arena gate)

  • By that point someone should be ready to meet you


So you have some Questions?

And I hope you do. If you are a stranger to the treatment scenario, be it medical or beauty, it can be a minefield of mental images in your head. What to do? What not to do? What to wear? The list goes on.

Hopefully this 'Frequently Asked' section will go some way to answering your questions. If you need more help and advice please feel free to send me a message from the website. The bottom line is that the happier and less tense you are with the treatment process, the easier it will be to treat your ailments.

What should I wear for a Sports Massage

Don't worry, you don't have to get naked, although you will be asked to undress down to your underwear (briefs are better than boxers and ladies, ensure you have a rear-fasten bra). Whilst it may seem a little intimidating at first, you will be covered with towels and drapes during your treatment with only the area being worked on being uncovered at any one time.

But I don't do sport, is it really right for me?

Rest assured, you don't have to be Bradley Wiggins or Jessica Ennis - in actual fact, many city workers have now hijacked Sports Massage treatment to get relief from their back, neck and shoulder tension.

For Amateur Athletes the benefits can be invaluable in keeping their muscles in tip-top condition. It is also a great motivator during the long winter months of base training.

Where can I get my Sports Massage?

Centrally Located less than 2 miles from the Chiverton Roundabout and the main A30, The Activate4 HQ at Silverwell Forge is extremely straight forward to get to from most of the county.

Do you do house calls?

Due to the sheer number of clients and the logistics involved generally House calls are no longer available. However if getting to Activate4 HQ is going to be a struggle then send me a message and we might be able to come to some arrangement.

How often can I have Sports Massage?

There is no limit to the amount of massage you can receive, the only factor is if you have a contra-indication that would make massage detrimental to your soft tissues, for example bruising. Some clients book in for a regular weekly or monthly slot, others on a more ad-hoc basis simply when they are feeling a bit tense or their muscles are tied up. Whatever your needs, there's always the opportunity to book a session around your schedule.

What Qualifications do you have? How do I know you are for real?

A valid question that is easily answered, but not necessarily very well understood. I studied at the YMCA Y-Fit in Central London where I gained my initial Sports Massage Association Level 4 qualification. Since then I have undertaken numerous other courses as part of my annual Continuing Professional Development commitment.

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact me using the details below.

Me, Myself & I

Hi I'm Justin

It’s fair to say that I do enjoy my work, and I am pretty focused on keeping my clients as fit and as mobile as possible. During a treatment I work hard to ensure you get every minute of value out of your time and money. I do not operate back to back appointments unlike most "white walled" high street clinics, which means if you book 60 minutes of massage you get 60 minutes of massage.

If you are really interested in getting rid of neck and shoulder tension and are prepared to work at it, then get in contact. If you want to improve your range of motion, or reduce muscle tightness then get in contact.

Be warned though, if you plan to have a treatment with me it will NOT be the Chicken Korma of massage think more Vindaloo. I do not do "skin polishing" I leave that to the lovely ladies at the beauty salons.


Not all Sports Massage Qualifications are the same. Mine thankfully is one of the best and I have and continue to work hard at improving my knowledge base for the benefit of my clients and myself. I studied at the Central YMCA (one of the UK's Leading fitness training Institutions) in Central London, passing my exams with distinction and was in the top 25% of my year. I am qualified and bound by the Sports Massage Association Level 4 Certification. I have since gone on and gained further qualifications in Neuro Muscular Re-Education and other Soft Tissue Manipulation Techniques.


I come from an Equestrian family but have since branched out. Long Course (Ironman) Triathlon until recently filled significant amounts of my spare time, However, I've now entered into the world of Nordic Skiing and Biathlon, which I do with the RAF.

I'm a keen advocator of a minimalist lifestyle and have an ongoing battle with all things "material". I keep a youtube channel going with content when I feel inspired enough to produce it.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me using the details below.

Making Contact

If you have further questions or need to make contact feel free to message me from the Facebook Page or send an email using the details below.

sportsmassage at

Obviously substitute the "at" with an "@" , this is to reduce to the amount of bot generated spam I receive.