Bike Box Hire

For Cornwall

Hi Guys, 

Back in the world before COVID I had a little side hustle going, hiring out my Bike Boxes.

It's now the spring of 2024 and I think its time to relaunch that little enterprise. 

Stay tuned for further updates, as I get it back up and running again. 

However, should be ready to go again in a very basic form from 1st April 2024. 


PS Excuse the website its very much a work in progress at the moment

£50 a Trip no weekly fees 

Having spent many years carting my bikes around Europe, I understand the costs involved in making it all happen. 

Thus you get to hire the box for a flat fee of 50 quid

I would however, like to see it back again after about 3 weeks or so. 🤣

Check out the availability below. 

Bike Box Availability


Directions to Silverwell Forge

Coming to Silverwell Forge is pretty straight forward


Using postcode with your Sat Nav will not get you to the correct destination. Instead select the longitude and latitude option to punch in the following: 50.285966, -5.163061


If you use what3words to find your way in the world the address is:


Me, Myself & I

Hi I'm Justin

It’s fair to say that I do enjoy my work, and I am pretty focused on keeping my clients as fit and as mobile as possible. During a treatment I work hard to ensure you get every minute of value out of your time and money. I do not operate back to back appointments unlike most "white walled" high street clinics, which means if you book 60 minutes of massage you get 60 minutes of massage.

If you are really interested in getting rid of neck and shoulder tension and are prepared to work at it, then get in contact. If you want to improve your range of motion, or reduce muscle tightness then get in contact.

Be warned though, if you plan to have a treatment with me it will NOT be the Chicken Korma of massage think more Vindaloo. I do not do "skin polishing" I leave that to the lovely ladies at the beauty salons.


Not all Sports Massage Qualifications are the same. Mine thankfully is one of the best and I have and continue to work hard at improving my knowledge base for the benefit of my clients and myself. I studied at the Central YMCA (one of the UK's Leading fitness training Institutions) in Central London, passing my exams with distinction and was in the top 25% of my year. I am qualified and bound by the Sports Massage Association Level 4 Certification. I have since gone on and gained further qualifications in Neuro Muscular Re-Education and other Soft Tissue Manipulation Techniques.


I come from an Equestrian family but have since branched out. Long Course (Ironman) Triathlon until recently filled significant amounts of my spare time, However, I've now entered into the world of Nordic Skiing and Biathlon, which I do with the RAF. 

I'm a keen advocator of a minimalist lifestyle and have an ongoing battle with all things "material".  I keep a youtube channel going with content when I feel inspired enough to produce it. 

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me using the details below.

Making Contact

If you have further questions or need to make contact feel free to message me from the Facebook Page or send an email using the details below.

sportsmassage at 

Obviously substitute the "at" with an "@" , this is to reduce to the amount of bot generated spam I receive.